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The Better Part of Wisdom

Smile of the day: In case you’ve lost track, today is March 91st.  30 days ago, March came in like a lamb here in Michigan. I don’t recall the specific high temp that day, but we didn’t have to deal … Continue reading

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You Never Know What’s In Those Woods

My cousin Billy was my classmate in Kindergarten. It must have been a relief to my mom; unlike the other Kindergarten moms she balanced a job with raising her family. And so it was arranged that Mom would drop me … Continue reading

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Stars and Bars

The issue of the Confederate flag has caught my eye over the last few days. I’m reminded of one wintery night several years back; we were in Vermont, driving west across the state on a 2 lane road. As we … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not Hemingway

I’m not one who casually hits “share” on Facebook very often, but this one? It caught my attention. The source I picked up claimed this poem was by Ernest Hemingway, but I knew right off the bat that this wasn’t … Continue reading

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Painting Your Digital Portrait

(The blog has been at rest for a while. I hate it when bloggers begin with big apologies that consume half of their content for the day. But it’s awakening – that need to write once again. And in the … Continue reading

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Remember the Innocent

Today many of us will remember where we were 12 years ago. I saw a car accident on my way to work that morning and thought, “Someone’s day isn’t going the way they planned.” 90 minutes later, word came to … Continue reading

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The kids were toddlers, and money was tight. The TV ad promised hours of holiday fun with the “Disney Christmas” LP; I must have seen the ad a dozen times before I dared to give it much thought. With shipping, … Continue reading

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News Weak

I’ve been traveling the last few days, and my route has taken me through a few airports. This morning, my flight taxied out into the queue at PHL before the crew gave their obligatory welcome. Including the fact that we … Continue reading

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Just Waiting

    Waiting is the hardest part, they say. And there is certainly some truth to that.   I’ve never been particularly patient in situations that involved a lot of waiting.   At 15, waiting for the drivers’ ed roster … Continue reading

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The 95th Summer: A Tribute

My mom was born at the peak of the first World War. I learned in high school that the war was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand; I’m not sure how…or even if…my mom’s family got word of that … Continue reading

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