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You Just Can’t Have It All

Beautiful loser Where you gonna fall When you realize You just cant have it all…. ~ Bob Seger Women are in the news again today, making the cover of The Atlantic. A few weeks ago, the buzz was all about Time’s … Continue reading

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Meeting Aira

  Yesterday was a domestic kind of day. I cleaned my kitchen. Paid bills. Organized a stack of paperwork and resolved again to scan it all one of these days and get rid of the clutter. Cooked up some Swiss … Continue reading

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It was a perfect afternoon in May, sometime in the 1990’s, when my car died in the parking lot of the grocery store. The Blazer was nearly new, but in the ten minutes that it took to pick up milk … Continue reading

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Procrastination is the Enemy of….

  ….living. How often have you said, “That would be nice….” or “Someday I will….” Now, realistically, a few things on our lists are indeed “someday” kinds of events. A trip to Paris, perhaps, or a Mediterranean cruise. But more … Continue reading

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It’s Called a Meme

Pronounce it “meem.” It’s something that spreads via the Internet. It might be a word, a picture, a concept. This one is adapted from my friend Jenni, and takes the form of a questionnaire. Not profound, perhaps, but maybe you’ll … Continue reading

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Exactly 400 Words About What Lights Me Up

A while back, I tried to make a list of my “favorite things.” I mean, Oprah Winfrey came up with a fantastic list every year, right? But for me, the task was harder than I thought. A few things came … Continue reading

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Making A List….Checking It Twice

 ‘Tis the season for making lists of all kinds. I’ve always been a “list” type of person and still find joy in crossing things off of my various lists as they are completed. Friends Jay ( and KJ Dell’Antonia ( reading

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And So…This Is Christmas

      It’s that time of year…we have turned back the clocks  and dusk settles in well before dinner time. Shoppers circle the mall in search of the ideal parking spot. The 24/7 Christmas music channels are up and … Continue reading

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The World of Barbie – Literally

It’s been a while since I thought about Barbie dolls, but today’s trivia question on our local radio station got my attention. It turns out that 2 Barbie dolls are sold every second, worldwide. That’s 1.5 million Barbies each week. … Continue reading

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Great First Lines

This summer, I immersed myself in a community of writers at a place called Star Island. I learned a lot during those seven days. I learned to figure out what’s at stake. To recognize words that say nothing. To write … Continue reading

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