Procrastination is the Enemy of….



How often have you said, “That would be nice….” or “Someday I will….”

Now, realistically, a few things on our lists are indeed “someday” kinds of events. A trip to Paris, perhaps, or a Mediterranean cruise. But more often, we procrastinate on those things that are right under our noses.

I’ve lived near the beach for almost six months now, and I’ve seen plenty of sunsets. But the loose idea of spending a morning at the beach was always on the list of things to do…someday.

Until yesterday. I pulled into a parking space early, at a time that I’d usually still be browsing the morning paper or (I admit it) checking Facebook. I set up my chair, but didn’t even sit down before heading out to walk a few miles up the beach and back. Morning is different from evening. The tide has just made its delivery of shells….different from what I see at day’s end. The pelicans paddle close to shore and dip gently into the shallows for breakfast (a far cry from their kamikaze dives later in the day).  The ebbing water and clear sky made me wonder exactly what words one uses to describe those shades of blue.

What simple things have fallen to the bottom of your “someday” list?

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1 Response to Procrastination is the Enemy of….

  1. Laurna says:

    YES SO TRUE! I am surrounded by mountains, Superstition Mountain to the North… one day I will climb to the top of Flatiron and maybe exlore those old mine caves! I dream of being left by helicopter for a week to explore the top. When I paint at the Lost Dutchman Park overlooking the mountain, I see early morning hikers heading up the trails, I wonder where they lead. I enjoy sunrises and sunsets on these mountains. I watch the sun play across Dinosaur Mountain to the East, changing colors & chase cloud shadows up that winding path to a cave that I need to hike to & explore. Overlooking my front yard is Silly Mountain which really isn’t a REAL Mountain but a group of tall “rotten rock” hills that I CAN say I have hiked & explored many times these past 12 years from my front door… I am still a hiker at heart. I remember conquering grueling mountain trails to snout of a glacier, to a waterfall or to an amazing lookout … so what happened when I moved to the desert? I must go hiking before it gets too hot again or we move! It would be a shame to miss all these undiscovered adventures!:)

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