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Turkey Mummy

Yesterday I went to three different grocery stores. Thanksgiving is next week, and my shopping list was ready to go. For everyday shopping, I almost always keep a skeletal grocery list on my cell phone, and browse just a few … Continue reading

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News Weak

I’ve been traveling the last few days, and my route has taken me through a few airports. This morning, my flight taxied out into the queue at PHL before the crew gave their obligatory welcome. Including the fact that we … Continue reading

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Just Waiting

    Waiting is the hardest part, they say. And there is certainly some truth to that.   I’ve never been particularly patient in situations that involved a lot of waiting.   At 15, waiting for the drivers’ ed roster … Continue reading

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The 95th Summer: A Tribute

My mom was born at the peak of the first World War. I learned in high school that the war was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand; I’m not sure how…or even if…my mom’s family got word of that … Continue reading

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You Just Can’t Have It All

Beautiful loser Where you gonna fall When you realize You just cant have it all…. ~ Bob Seger Women are in the news again today, making the cover of The Atlantic. A few weeks ago, the buzz was all about Time’s … Continue reading

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Meeting Aira

  Yesterday was a domestic kind of day. I cleaned my kitchen. Paid bills. Organized a stack of paperwork and resolved again to scan it all one of these days and get rid of the clutter. Cooked up some Swiss … Continue reading

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It was a perfect afternoon in May, sometime in the 1990’s, when my car died in the parking lot of the grocery store. The Blazer was nearly new, but in the ten minutes that it took to pick up milk … Continue reading

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Procrastination is the Enemy of….

  ….living. How often have you said, “That would be nice….” or “Someday I will….” Now, realistically, a few things on our lists are indeed “someday” kinds of events. A trip to Paris, perhaps, or a Mediterranean cruise. But more … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

My niece Kathy describes it as “brutality.” She noticed it a while ago, and said she needed to cut back on television. It was just too brutal, she said, even admitting that her favorite shows were those with story lines … Continue reading

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Read And Follow Directions: The Meme Redux

I’ve said it a thousand times: Read and follow directions. In my teaching days, of course, teaching students to follow directions was built into the content of whatever else they were supposed to learn. Fast forward to today, and I … Continue reading

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