Guest Blog: Ava Paxton

February 2011

Guest Blogger


When my daughter Sarah was in college, she received a compliment from a family member on a piece she had written. It was not a major project – in fact it could have been a simple note inside a greeting card. The recipient said, “You should be a writer!” Sarah didn’t miss a beat and replied, “I AM a writer!” As her mom, I felt incredible pride in her confidence and clarity at that moment. Last week, Sarah picked up her iPad to find the story below, written (and neatly punctuated) by her own five year old daughter Ava. Enjoy!

The.   Ogr.   Thet.    Got.  Lost.     A.   Family.   Mast.   Oyas.  Shood.   OyasBee.   Too.   Geter. I.   Love.   Mi.  Parents.  A. 5.  Ears.  Ld. Rot.  Thes.   Notb.    And.    Thes.   Es.   The.  Preen.   Es.    Ava. Mea.  Paxton.  She.   Es.  5.  In.    Then.  She.   Es.  Goniy.  Too. Bee.  56789.  We.  Ar.   So. Excited.     For.  Ava.  Too.go     Go.  Too.  School

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